Tours from Sea to Sky

Bus Tours: In a recent tour, RSIR worked with Visa Consulting Group and brought a delegation of more than two dozen prospective investors from Vancouver, BC for a whirlwind, one-day home tour in the greater Seattle area. They viewed a collection of luxury homes and condos represented by RSIR. 

Boat Tours: Waterfront homes require special skills and understanding to successfully market and sell, as we cover a diverse range of properties from lakefront to bay or gulf, river and seafront - all as unique as the people they attract. We work on bringing the largest audience possible to the shores of these homes to soak up the waterfront lifestyle.

Plane Tours: At RSIR, we represent a collection of destination homes that require special transportation. With our great relationships with Kenmore Air and personal aircraft retailers, we find new ways to get our prospective buyers to the doors of extraordinary homes.